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Alcohol 120%

Alcohol 120% is a Virtual CD/DVD Tools tool for Audio & Multimedia, by Alcohol Software. Alcohol 120% is the CD & DVD emulation and recording program that will allow users to easily copy a visible and an invisible disc.

Alcohol Software
Run on OS:
Multiple OS
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7.9 MB
Updated on:
May 21, 2015
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Softmenu rating: 8/10

Alcohol 120% Reviews - by Softmenu Editor

It is one of the best Virtual CD/DVD Tools software that I have ever used for Audio & Multimedia.


Software Description - by Publisher

This software description is given by Alcohol Software - the software publisher/developer, and almost no changes made by softmenu.

Full Description see below:

Alcohol 120% is the CD & DVD emulation and recording program that will allow users to easily copy a visible and an invisible disc.

Alcohol 120% enables users to create 31 virtual CD & DVD-ROM to play discs without needing a physical disc, it also enables users to copy CD & DVD to CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD-RAM / DVD+RW. Alcohol 120% combines all functions of Alcohol 52% (CD & DVD emulation software).

Alcohol brings a new meaning to the word multimedia! It is without a doubt a leader in its class, bringing the ability to emulate and record CDs and DVDs together into one amazingly easy to use software program.

Using the latest technology the program is constantly being developed and improved to add new features, allowing it to maintain it's position as a leading software package.

Imagine being able to store your most used CDs as images on your computer and just call them up at the click of a button! And then run them at 200x the speed of some CD drives and without requiring the CD itself! How about being able to make a backup of that CD onto another CD either using the CD itself or just using the image you have created? This is what Alcohol allows you to do and much more.

Alcohol 120% enables you to make a duplicate back-up to recordable media of nearly all your expensive Game/Software/DVD titles, and/or an image that can be mounted and run from any one of Alcohol's virtual drives.

No other software available enables you to create up to a staggering 31 virtual drives, allowing you to run your game images at over 200x faster than from a conventional CD-ROM. Alcohol 120% is a powerful utility that uses a unique combination of options to ensure a perfect back-up every time.

All you need is a PC combined with a CD or a DVD burner. No more replacing your expensive original discs due to loss, theft, scratches, or other media imperfections. Your duplicate works just like the original; your entire collection can be archived and your investment protected.

In the home: Have you had experiences with the common conditions of CDs/DVDs? They can easily get scratched, damaged, broken, lost or even stolen. Alcohol provides you with peace of mind and protects your investment.


· This software is only for the purpose of legal use of duplication under the current copyright laws. Any duplication without permission by copyright owners is illegal under the current copyright laws. Users are liable for criminal and civil penalty under the current copyright law for illegal duplication.
  • Make perfect 1:1 back-ups of CDs, Alcohol 120% is really the ultimate DVD / CD emulation and burning software.
  • Store your most used or important CDs as images on your computer and run them at 200x speed from up to 31 virtual CD or DVD drives!
  • Burn more than one CD or DVD at the same time, even from from different sources, using the latest multiple burners technology.
  • Highest drive compatibility - Alcohol is compatible with more than 99% of drives available and if it doesn't work with your drive we can improve it so let us know!
  • Bypass the latest "unbreakable" protections using Alcohol Software's state of the art burning and emulation process!
  • Supports the highest number of possible image file types including - MDS, CCD, BIN, CUE, ISO, CDI, BWT, BWI, BWS, BWA & many more...
  • Ultra-responsive industry leading support from our team of software experts

Supported Operating System:

Runs on: Windows 2K /XP /XP 64 bit /Vista /Vista 64 bit /7 /7 64 bit /8 /8 64 bit /10 /10 64 bit /NT

Running requirements

  • Intel/AMD based PC
  • Windows 95 or Windows NT users, please pay attention as follows:
  • Must install Internet Explorer 5.0 or later version
  • Window NT 4.0 must update to Service Pack 5 or later version
  • Windows 95 must be OSR2 or later version
  • 32MB (or more) of RAM
  • Internet connection
  • 10GB (or more) hard disk (a 74 minute CD image requires 650-700MB)
  • One or more bus-mastering SCSI and/or ATAPI buses
  • One or mor


    • 15 days trial
    • Can only use up to 6 virtual drives instead of 31
    • Limited to burning with 2 drives simultaneously
    • Nag screen

    Tested virus free - Alcohol 120% has been tested to be a safe software on May 21, 2015.

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Alcohol 120% is the CD & DVD emulation and recording program that will allow users to easily copy a visible and an invisible disc. Alcohol 120% enables users to create 31 virtual CD ...


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