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WikMail (formerly WikMail Pro) 2011.1.0 Build

WikMail (formerly WikMail Pro) is a E-Mail Clients tool for Communications, by WikMail is an advanced e-mail client application witch handles all your e-mail needs with style.

2011.1.0 Build
Run on OS:
WindowsXP, Vista, 7
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Updated on:
Dec 25, 2011
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Softmenu rating: 6/10

WikMail (formerly WikMail Pro) 2011.1.0 Build Reviews - by Softmenu Editor

It is one of the best E-Mail Clients software that I have ever used for Communications.


Software Description - by Publisher

This software description is given by - the software publisher/developer, and almost no changes made by softmenu.

Full Description see below:

WikMail is an advanced e-mail client application witch handles all your e-mail needs with style. WikMail is fast, compact and stylized and easy to use. By using WikMail, your messages will look better than ever.WikMail is lightweight, fast, non obstructive and do not bloat your system. A full range of settings allow to fit the program to your needs. By using the stationery's, your messages will look more attractive than ever. The stationery's styles are simple to use and a Stationery Creator is included to make you own creation.WikMail is a skinned program. That mean you can change the look of the program in anytime.Having fancy interfaces and funny things does not mean cheaper. WikMail is an email program that will satisfy every all... even the Pro's. WikMail redefine the way an email client is used. Unlike other email program, WikMail start with a email checker from which you can access the mail client.It's designed in a way that you can keep WikMail running on your desktop all day long without bloating your system resources, memory and desktop. At regular interval, even if not connected to Internet, WikMail will check all your email accounts and will notify you, the way you want, if you have received news emails and/or messages. From this point, you have a preview message list available and you can open the mail client to achieve any tasks.WikMail include powerful some "Anti-Spam" (Junk Mails) modules that are blocking all junk mails. A statistical Bayesian Filter and Regular Expressions Filters are included. These features do not slow down the program performances in any way. They are really fast, accurate and the operations are transparent.There's many options available like Delete junk mails from the server, save junk mails in dedicated mailboxes, etc... Saving junk mails in a dedicated mailbox allow to have furthers looks at them at anytime (of necessary) and you can empty this mailbox with a single click.WikMail is compatible the Microsoft Agent™ characters. WikMail can be used as a talking email and/or just to get notified for new messages. WikMail is simply the most complete and advanced email client available on the market.This help is short and concise. WikMail is widely customizable, we strongly suggest you to make a tour around the help and also try every features and options available in order to settled WikMail to fit your own needs. for WindowsXP, Vista, 7

Supported Operating System:

WindowsXP, Vista, 7

Running requirements

Need not extra requirement except the OS environments mentioned above.


Please check the license above, if this is a freeware, it will be no limitation, else it may have the days or times limitation, please read the specifications attached with the download file carefully.

Tested virus free - WikMail (formerly WikMail Pro) has been tested to be a safe software on Dec 25, 2011.

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