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MailList Controller Free 12.0

MailList Controller Free is a E-Mail List Management tool for Communications, by Arclab Software. MailList Controller is an email mailing list and marketing solution designed to send out personalized newsletters, campaigns, e-zines, announcements, support and group mails.

Arclab Software
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Multiple OS
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70.4 MB
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Jan 30, 2015
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Softmenu rating: 8/10

MailList Controller Free 12.0 Reviews - by Softmenu Editor

It is one of the best E-Mail List Management software that I have ever used for Communications.


Software Description - by Publisher

This software description is given by Arclab Software - the software publisher/developer, and almost no changes made by softmenu.

Full Description see below:

MailList Controller is an email mailing list and marketing solution designed to send out personalized newsletters, campaigns, e-zines, announcements, support and group mails.
MailList Controller Free will run as a service on your desktop, workstation or server. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to create personalized rich-text (HTML) messages or you use your default mail client.
  • Mail Engine - Newsletter Sender - Works with your SMTP/POP3 Account:
  • Send out newsletters and bulk emails to your mailing lists. Our newsletter software makes sending an email to your list as easy as sending a regular email message.
  • Fast SMTP mail sending. MailList Controller is a fast bulk and mass mailer, but will not overload your mailserver. It includes different options, which can be used to throttle down and slow down the mailing.
  • Works with any SMTP/POP3 Server. Our software can be used together with the mailserver from your ISP, webprovider, mailprovider or your dedicated company mailserver.
  • SMTP/ESMTP Authentication. The newsletter software supports SMTP and ESMTP authentication. (RFC 821 and RFC 1869)
  • Secure Socket Layer SSL and StartTLS. MaiList Controller supports explicit and implicit secure socket layer (SSL) connections to ensure that the program will work together with most mailservers, providers and popular mailservices.
  • Partial and delayed send mode. This options are also very useful if your mailaccount has restrictions. Some mail accounts are limited in the number of messages sent out per hour, others require a pause between the messages. It can be adjusted to SMTP server limitations
  • Supports SSL connections for POP3. Today many POP3 server require a secure socket layer connection to access messages.
  • Directory Pickup Mode for IIS. The option "Mailserver Pickup Directory" can be used if you are running a local mailserver, which has a pickup directory. In this mode, the program does not send using SMTP. It creates a .eml file in the pickup directory for each message, which will be used directly by your mailserver. The mailserver picks up the .eml file and sends it.
  • Forward replies to a different email address. The software analyzes each incoming message and if the incoming message is e.g. a reply to your newsletter message, then it can forward the message to a different email address, which could be specified for each list.
  • Customizable returned mail detection. MailList Controller can automatically detect returned emails and remove or mark the email address which is not or not longer valid. The detection is based on keywords, which could be customized for optimization.
  • Subscriber Database Management - List Automation and Personalization:
  • Manage multiple distribution lists. MailList Controller Professional supports 10 list with max. 10.000 recipients on each list. MailList Controller eXtreme can be used for unlimited lists and recipients. (only hardware limits apply)
  • Add up to 15 custom fields. The fields could be used for personalization or for data-gathering through a webform.
  • Supports Filters and Subsets (Queries) within a list. This unique feature allows to split a member list in different subsets. The included easy to use query maker can be used on managed lists and experts can use a SQL-like where-clause for complex queries on linked lists.
  • Linked list (List linked to an external data source). A linked list does not have the members in an internal database. It gets the members from an external database file, MS Access, MS Excel or ODBC (SQL) source. This allows to connect MailList Controller to an existing user, customer or member database.
  • Single and double opt-in lists. Single Opt-in requires someone to fill out a webform or send a subscription request before he or she is added to the list. Double Opt-in requires two steps before the person is added to the list: the first subscribe request (e.g. filling out a webform) and a confirmation email.
  • Process email subscribe and remove requests. The automated processing of user subscribe/remove requests is email based. This means a user can send a simple message with e.g. Remove to the lists email address. Version 8 contains a new feature called "Subscribe Message Archive", which could be used to store a copy of the incoming subscribe message in .eml (Source) format to proof that the member has subscribed to the list.
  • Process webform subscribe and remove requests. Use a webform, which generates the subscribe/remove message for the user and sends it directly to the list for processing.
  • Use natural commands to subscribe and remove. There are no cryptic codes, the user can reply with "Remove" to get removed from your newsletter service or mailing list.
  • Import from MS Excel, MS Access, Text (csc) or ODBC. MailList Controller can import MS Access, MS Excel and Plain Text (.csv) format files directly - other formats are supported through ODBC (e.g. MS SQL or MySQL).
  • Sort out duplicate email addresses. The internal database uses the email address as primary key, which eliminates duplicate email addresses within a single list automatically.
  • The Global Blacklist allows you to ignore/filter individual emails, domains and substrings when receiving incoming messages (e.g. Subscribe) or during the import.
  • Email Newsletter Creation - Message Composer and External:
  • MailList Controller has a built-in WYSIWYG rich-text (HTML) editor which supports HTML, plain text and file attachments.
  • Support for external mail clients (e.g. MS Outlook). Authorized users can send a message to the list from any location. This function is user and password protected to protect the list from spammers.
  • Direct support for external HTML editors. A click on a button opens the message automatically in any external html editor.
  • Personalization (mail merge) allows to send out personalized newsletters to large groups. The program sends one seperate email message to each recipient, which ensures privacy of the members.
  • Add inline (embedded) graphics and file attachments. The newsletter software can automatically attach images to the message, so that the image are part of the message and will be displayed properly in the recipients email client without external download sources.
  • Import HTML files from an external HTML editor. The auto-import funcion imports images and converts the html file for direct use as email.
  • Send plain text, HTML messages or a combination of both (MIME). MailList Controller allows to specify different html and text parts to a message, which gives you more space for custom designs.
  • Custom charsets for international newsletter mailings. Each list could use a different charset and the html message itself could be in UTF-8 format for international recipients.

Supported Operating System:

Windows XP /Vista /Vista 64 bit /7 /7 64 bit /8 /8 64 bit /2008

Running requirements

System requirements for this application

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
  • At least 32 MB of free disk space


Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Lists: 1
  • Contacts per List: 50
  • Total contacts: 50
  • No priority technical support

Tested virus free - MailList Controller Free has been tested to be a safe software on Jan 30, 2015.

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