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Approximate Download Programs Released by Aspajax Pro, try another search or check the excellent downloads below picked by our editors.

  • 1.PILS 0.3.0 Beta
    by Ole Nielsby
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreewarePrice: FreeDownloads: 801Added on: 12/29/2011
  • PILS is a dynamic, functional programming language with a unified model of data and programs.
  • 10.WA Trafic Info 1.0
    by Enter.Net, Inc.
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreePrice: FreeDownloads: 853Added on: 09/27/2012
  • The Washington Traffic app is Washington's #1 iPhone Application for instant streaming traffic cameras.
  • 11.Instahist 2.0
    by B&GMagic
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: CommercialPrice: $1.99Downloads: 719Added on: 09/29/2012
  • Instahist is a fun educational encyclopedia that lets you learn and enjoy historical and memorable events of the world's history.
  • 12.Brick Breakazoid 1.1
    by TV Apps
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: CommercialPrice: $0.99Downloads: 761Added on: 10/02/2012
  • Brick Breakazoid. Colourful non linear levels Multi ball Missile launchers.
  • 13.762ch English 1.1.3
    by 762ch
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreePrice: FreeDownloads: 641Added on: 10/02/2012
  • RPG style community site free The message is displayed clicking the character.
  • 14.BoloCard 1.0
    by SawasdeeShop Co.,
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreePrice: FreeDownloads: 757Added on: 10/19/2012
  • BoloCard application connects your iPhone to SawasdeeShop BoloCard service and allows you to route your outgoing calls via your BoloCard accounts.
  • 15.Flight Control Demo 4.5
    by Namco Networks
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreePrice: FreeDownloads: 800Added on: 10/17/2012
  • Land planes and avoid collisions for addictive airline action! Keep the skies safe in Flight Control, the insanely addictive worldwide hit! It only takes a minute to learn but you won’t be able to put it down.
  • 16.att devicealive jetstream 1.01
    by Customer
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreePrice: FreeDownloads: 1029Added on: 11/07/2012
  • This application is intended solely for the purpose of in-store demonstration for AT&T.
  • 20.The Book of Snobs 1.0.2
    by Digi-Media-Apps
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: CommercialPrice: $0.99Downloads: 916Added on: 02/19/2013
  • The Book of Snobs Extract-(The necessity of a work on Snobs, demonstrated from History, and proved by felicitous illustrations:—I am the individual destined to write that work—My vocation is announced in terms of great eloquence—I show that the world has been gradually preparing itself for the WORK and the MAN—Snobs are to be studied like other objects of Natural Science, and are a part of the Beautiful (with a large B).
  • 24.Panda Dumpling 1.1.6
    by apofiss
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: $1.49Downloads: 788Added on: 10/15/2013
  • Panda Dampling is animated and interactive Live Wallpaper on your home screen! Within magical meadow little panda is trying to have a nap while being distracted by the swamp bubble c: You can wake up and pet little panda dampling! Also, meadow is inhabited with mysterious creatures lurking around D: *** Android 4 users, to enter live wallpaper settings, use Settings shortcut ( little gear icon on top-left corner ) to avoid possible glitch *** FULL version also includes: ★WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! We DON'T charge you for extra content!!! ★Support for tablets! ( landscape mode is supposed to work on TABLETS ONLY ) ★THEMES! ( NEW ) ★Thought Clouds! ★Regular updates ( extra content ) ★Various interactions ★SD-card support ( Androis OS 2.
  • 25.Minimal Text THEME - PAID 3.9.2
    by Kyle.Designed.Me
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: $2.50Downloads: 861Added on: 12/07/2013
  • *MINIMAL TEXT THEME* Theme the phone to the max! **FYI THIS IS THE DONATE VERSION** **This is EXACTLY the same as the Free version* **Donate if you want to help me out :-)** WORKS ON GO LAUNCHER!!!! Menu - Theme - Right Side(Installed) WORKS ON APEX LAUNCHER FREE - Menu Theme settings - Apply what you want! WORKS ON NOVA LAUNCHER PRIME, long click icon, edit, click icon, then ADW icon pack.
  • 28.Coin Organizer Deluxe 4.0
    by PrimaSoft PC
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: TrialPrice: $75.00Downloads: 843Added on: 04/20/2014
  • Coin Organizer Deluxe is an intuitive and useful application that allows users to manage and organize various coin collections.
  • 29.Map of You 1.0
    by Andreas Staeding
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreewarePrice: $0Downloads: 770Added on: 05/19/2014
  • This font comes from a psychedelic and retro fonts collection and is in the *.
  • 30.Backup Utility 1.0.2
    by Thecus Tech Corp
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreewarePrice: $0Downloads: 712Added on: 05/22/2014
  • An application that will allow you to create a backup of your file from a specifuic location.
  • 31.EJE 3.2
    by Claudio De Sio
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: GPLPrice: $0Downloads: 649Added on: 07/07/2014
  • EJE is a simple Java editor, perfect to learn Java, without learning a complex development tool.
  • 32.ApexSQL Data Diff 2012.03.0032
    by Apex SQL Tools
  • Softmenu rating: 5/10License: TrialPrice: $599.00Downloads: 835Added on: 07/12/2014
  • ApexSQL Data Diff is a powerful application that was especially designed to help you compare databases as well as backups for SQL databases.
  • 33.Seobiseu 1.20
    by Josip Medved
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreewarePrice: Downloads: 842Added on: 05/20/2015
  • Seobiseu is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to help you start or stop Windows Services without going through UAC prompts.

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