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  • 1.Record-Jar Parser 1.0
    by Record-Jar Parser
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreewarePrice: FreeDownloads: 1114Added on: 04/13/2012
  • This script presents you a method to parse a file like object containing data in the record jar format.
  • 10.Picture-Map 1.3
    by Sylver Bruneau
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: CommercialPrice: $0.99Downloads: 776Added on: 10/14/2012
  • !!!! Reduced price for a limited time !!!! Picture Map is presenting your iPhone camera roll content in a new and exciting way! With PictureMap, you will no longer ask yourself "what place is on this picture?" Pictures containing GPS informations will be shown on the world map, you'll see in a second all the places you traveled in.
  • 12.MSI N260GTX-2D896 OC MSI StarOSD for XP 32,Win 2000 None
    by MSI
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreePrice: FreeDownloads: 1123Added on: 12/23/2012
  • MSI StarOSD is the easiest way to monitor system status, the fastest way to over clock graphic card, and the most attentive way to optimize display option while playing \"PC game\".
  • 14.MSI MX400 Pro-VT32S Nvidia VGA Driver 14.62 for Win NT New
    by MSI
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreePrice: FreeDownloads: 1151Added on: 01/06/2013
  • Standard driverSupport Memory ?? ??32MB SDRAMOn-board Function ?? ??Video-Out (S-Video)?? ??Video-Out (Composite) ?? ??Video-In (S-Video) It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.
  • 16.Band Minus One 2.0
    by Jos Maas
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: DemoPrice: $10.00Downloads: 857Added on: 02/06/2013
  • Band Minus One is a windows program that enables you to create your own accompaniment by entering a chord sequence and choosing a style.
  • 17.HedraSpace 1.0.1
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: CommercialPrice: $0.99Downloads: 699Added on: 03/02/2013
  • HedraSpace Challenge your spatial and logical abilities in this innovative 3D puzzle with retro inspired graphics.
  • 19.ECS A790GXM-AD3 Bios 09/02/23
    by ECS
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreePrice: FreeDownloads: 1121Added on: 04/10/2013
  • This package contains the initial release of the bios for the ECS A790GXM-AD3 gaming motherboard, version 09/02/23.
  • 22.Sleepy Moon HD 2.0
    by Software Solutions
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: FreeDownloads: 889Added on: 06/23/2013
  • The perfect bed time game for your little ones! Sleepy moon is an interactive lullaby, which with its choice of soothing traditional lullaby tunes and relaxing graphics it will help send your little angels off to sleep in no time.
  • 23.Colonnes de Beck 2.0
    by Nicolas MARIE
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: $0.99Downloads: 770Added on: 07/04/2013
  • Colonnes de Beck permet à n'importe qui de pratiquer l'exercice de thérapie cognitive et comportementale mis au point par le psychiatre A.
  • 25.Velis 1.0
    by Curly Labs
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: FreeDownloads: 750Added on: 07/13/2013
  • Velis is a game to help you work out whether or not the object of your affection returns that affection.
  • 26.HandiGolf 1.0
    by DeezNuts Productions
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: FreeDownloads: 722Added on: 07/17/2013
  • HandiGolf is a simple golf handicap differential calculator for a single round of play.
  • 27.Graph 2D 1.0
    by Joseph Mak
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: $1.00Downloads: 710Added on: 08/16/2013
  • This app lets you plot functions f(x).
  • 33.RPG Toolkit 1.3.2
    by Michael Ham
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: $0.99Downloads: 771Added on: 01/31/2014
  • The RPG Toolkit is for role-players to aid them in common tasks that are performed at the gaming table.
  • 34.GetCanon! 1.7
    by David Vidmar
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreewarePrice: $0Downloads: 836Added on: 04/19/2014
  • GetCanon! is a image downloader for Canon digital cameras.
  • 35.See The World
    by Window7theme
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreewarePrice: $0Downloads: 808Added on: 07/27/2014
  • See The World is a small, beautiful Win 7 theme dedicated to the beauty of nature and its landscapes.

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