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Approximate Download Programs Released by Goet Font, try another search or check the excellent downloads below picked by our editors.

  • 2.Windows 7 Codec Pack 2.7.0
    by Windows 7 Codec Pack
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreewarePrice: $0.00Downloads: 1170Added on: 04/19/2012
  • The Windows 7 Codec Pack is a simple to install package of codecs/filters/splitters used for playing back music and movie files.
  • 3.RMBSoft Video Converter 1.4
    by R.M. de Boer
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Free To TryPrice: $29.95Downloads: 955Added on: 04/12/2012
  • RMBSoft Video Converter converts all kinds of video and audio files, with speed and high quality! Enjoy your (high definition) movies on your Desktop PC, Laptop, Mobile devices, and many other portable players, like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Zune, Sony PSP, Sony PS3, XBox 360 and many more! More then 150 ready to use profiles are already included for most common media Players and Phones, like Apple iPod (touch), iPad, iPhone, Nexus One (Google Android), BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Sony PSP, Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, Zune, and more.
  • 9.Key Shuffle 1.4
    by eRGoon
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreePrice: FreeDownloads: 729Added on: 11/27/2012
  • Simple Password Generator with Password strength indicator.
  • 10.Makeup Box 2.0
    by Dash Technologies
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: CommercialPrice: $0.99Downloads: 744Added on: 12/12/2012
  • The Ultimate Makeup and Cosmetics iPad app you will ever need for all your makeup! We did all the work for you! All you do is add your makeup! We thought of all the most popular categories for you and now all you have to do is select your makeup category and enter and unlimited amount of lipsticks, nail polishes, mascaras,eye liners,etc!!! You can even attach a photo of your makeup so you know the the brand, color and a photo the next time you are at the mall! You can even email your makeup brand and color! We also have included a notes field so type away anything you like.
  • 13.Gunslevholm 1.3.2
    by Gunslevholm
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreePrice: FreeDownloads: 730Added on: 02/23/2013
  • *** This application is in Danish *** With this application you can always keep you updated with the latest activities and news from Gunslevholm Idr?tsefterskole.
  • 17.ASUS P8P67 BIOS 1305
    by Asus
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreePrice: FreeDownloads: 980Added on: 05/25/2013
  • Fixes: 1. Enable the display of Intel PCH revision BIOS Setup Screen for the ease of recoginization for B3 stepping chipset.
  • 18.iPity 1.5.0
    by E.E. Flobes
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreePrice: FreeDownloads: 871Added on: 06/04/2013
  • ----------------------- NEW UPDATE RELEASED! *Now over 75 sucka scolding quotes! *App now permanently free! -------------------- A you constantly surrounded by fools? People givin' you jibba jabba everywhere you turn? Give them a piece of T's mind with iPity! With iPity, keep fools and suckas at bay with one of over 60 no nonsense remarks from the man himself.
  • 20.My Radio Greece 1.1
    by FaceGroom
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: CommercialPrice: $0.99Downloads: 778Added on: 06/06/2013
  • Listen to your favorite Greece Radio stations on the go on your favorite iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
  • 21.TL Radio Botswana 1.0
    by Teleformar /
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: $0.99Downloads: 882Added on: 07/18/2013
  • TL Radio Botswana allows you to listen to radio stations where ever you are, and when ever you want.
  • 23.Mosquito Ringtones 1.1
    by Peter Morgana
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: $0.99Downloads: 822Added on: 08/01/2013
  • ***GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT!*** Ever want to keep your ringer on in class or at home without your teacher or parents hearing it? Now you can! No more detentions! No worries of getting your phone taken away at school! The ringtones in the app have a special high pitched sound that only people under a certain age can hear! Don't worry, if you're a bit older there are different pitches you can hear! This application was made by Alec Morgana.
  • 26.CatTweet 1.3
    by Saver Corporation
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: FreeDownloads: 673Added on: 09/08/2013
  • "Cat Tweet" is an innovative Twitter client app that automatically scrolls and displays your Twitter Timeline.
  • 28.US-History 3.1
    by Andras Viragvolgyi
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: FreeDownloads: 783Added on: 11/09/2013
  • US History was selected as a ------------------ STAFF FAVORITE ------------------ after its release.
  • 29.Oculus Visualizer 1.7.2
    by Avalinx LLC
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: Price: $2.99Downloads: 807Added on: 12/02/2013
  • Oculus Audio Player and Visualizer Oculus is an audio player and visualizer that seamlessly integrates with your existing iPod library.
  • 32.Eisenkraut 0.74
    by Hanns Holger Rutz
  • Softmenu rating: 8/10License: GPLPrice: $0Downloads: 752Added on: 07/09/2014
  • Eisenkraut is a standalone, cross-platform audio file editor using the SuperCollider 3 server application.
  • 33.Large Boss Icons 2013.2
    by Aha-soft
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: DemoPrice: $49.00Downloads: 797Added on: 07/20/2014
  • Large Boss Icons is a unique icon pack that includes high resolution images representing leaders and forepersons: army and police officers, corporate executives, members of the royal family, teachers and administrators.
  • 34.LIBSVM 2.91
    by Chih-Chung Chang &
  • Softmenu rating: 6/10License: FreewarePrice: $0Downloads: 716Added on: 08/25/2014
  • LIBSVM is an integrated component designed to support vector classification, (C-SVC, nu-SVC), distribution estimation (one-class SVM) and regression (epsilon-SVR, nu-SVR).

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