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DBD-InterBase 0.47

DBD-InterBase is a Modules tool for Scripts, by DBD-InterBase. DBD::InterBase is a Perl module which works with the DBI module to provide access to Firebird and InterBase databases.

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Probably All
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May 8, 2012
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Softmenu rating: 6/10

DBD-InterBase 0.47 Reviews - by Softmenu Editor

It is one of the best Modules software that I have ever used for Scripts.


Software Description - by Publisher

This software description is given by DBD-InterBase - the software publisher/developer, and almost no changes made by softmenu.

Full Description see below:

DBD::InterBase is a Perl module which works with the DBI module to provide access to Firebird and InterBase databases.*BEFORE* BUILDING, TESTING AND INSTALLING this you will need to: - Build, test and install Perl 5 (at least 5.004). It is very important to TEST it and INSTALL it! - Build, test and install the DBI module (at least DBI 1.41). It is very important to TEST it and INSTALL it! - Remember to *read* the DBI README file! - Make sure that InterBase/Firebird server is running (for testing) BUILDING Win32 with Borland C : type 'pmake' or 'dmake', not just 'make'. before run make: perl PatchBCC Win32 with MS compiler: type 'nmake', not just 'make' To Configure and build the DBD: perl Makefile.PL (when asked to specify a test database, please specify a non-existing file) make TESTING make testmake install (if the tests look okay) Requirements:Perl 5.004 installed Perl DBI (1.41 and higher) Firebird or InterBase A C compiler UN*X GCC 2.95.2 (tested, older may or may not work) or other capable Windows Borland C++ 5.5 You can donwload a free copy of BCC55 at In order to compile with Borland compiler you need pmake: homepage dmake would work too (building) but has problems creating PPD file homepage or Microsoft VC++ 6.0

Supported Operating System:

Probably All

Running requirements

Need not extra requirement except the OS environments mentioned above.


Please check the license above, if this is a freeware, it will be no limitation, else it may have the days or times limitation, please read the specifications attached with the download file carefully.

Tested virus free - DBD-InterBase has been tested to be a safe software on May 8, 2012.

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